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Experience: 8-10 years of experience in Quality Control within the pharmaceutical industry.

Location: Korangi Creek

Department: Quality Control

Qualification: Master’s degree in Chemistry, Pharm D

Technical Expertise: In-depth knowledge of analytical techniques, such as HPLC, GC, UV-Vis etc. Familiarity with USP, EP, JP, and another pharmacopeia’s.

Regulatory Knowledge: Strong understanding of GMP, FDA regulations, ICH guidelines, and other relevant regulatory requirements.

Key Responsibilities:

• Leadership and Management: Lead and manage the Quality Control team- providing direction, training, and support to ensure efficient and effective operations.

• Quality Control Processes: “Develop, implement, and maintain quality control systems and

protocols for raw materials, in-process materials, and finished products. • Compliance: Ensure compliance with all relevant regulatory requirements, including GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), FDA (Food and Drug Administration) regulations, ISO & DRAP and other

applicable standards.

• Testing and Analysis: Oversee the testing and analysis of pharmaceutical products, including stability testing, microbial testing, and chemical analysis.

• Documentation: Ensure accurate and thorough documentation of QC activities, test results, and deviations. Prepare and review QC reports and documentation for regulatory submissions. • Continuous Improvement: Identify areas for improvement within the QC processes and

implement corrective actions and process improvements to enhance quality and efficiency. • Audits and Inspections: Prepare for and participate in internal and external audits and inspections.

• Training: Provide training and mentorship to QC staff on testing methods, regulatory requirements, and quality standards.

Only eligible candidate can send their updated CV on hr@galaxypharma.com.pk

please mention the position in subject line


VISIT OUR WEBSITE: www.galaxypharma.com

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